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Everything has changed... but the best

Offering the best of Soluscope technologies, the new Serie 3 integrates an innovative and intuitive graphic interface with a large and comfortable 7’’ touch screen enabling easy and fast access to all cycle and machine parameters.

The new white casing material features an easy to clean smooth surface. It improves the robustness of the Serie 3 whilst offering a modern aesthetic experience. The Serie 3 has received the Observeur Design 2016 international label that awards innovative and functional design in the industry.

Compatible with all major endoscope brands, the Serie 3 performs a complete cleaning and disinfection cycle in less than 20 minutes. The patented individual channel control system ensures a complete treatment of each endoscope channel and detects any partial disconnection or obstruction.

The new Serie 3 is natively compliant with IT Soluscope, the global traceability software solution.

With more than 4000 units installed worldwide, more than 8 million endoscopes are treated in the Serie 3 family every year.