Soluscope equipment set up in record time at camp camp hospital in Italy

Lombardy has been the first, and so far, the most-affected region in Italy since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to meet the growing demand for intensive care unit (ICU) beds, the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan decided to set up a new wing for COVID-19 patients. The hospital was designed and built in a week, offering 14 extra beds for critical patients. Hosted inside the structure constructed on the sports field of the university hospital, the project was made possible thanks to the fundraising efforts of influencers Chiara Ferragni and her husband the singer Fedez that enabled the crowd-funded investment of four-million-euro from over 200,000 people. The funds will be used to help other hospitals involved in the coronavirus emergency.

Ecolab has been supporting the efforts to set up this emergency camp hospital in record time, responding promptly to the customer request for Soluscope machines built by our Healthcare division. COVID-19 patients needing hospitalization often require a bronchoscopy examination which is done with a fiber optic probe equipped with a camera to see the larynx and the airways. The doctor may use a bronchoscope to take lung or airway tissue samples to facilitate diagnosis. Bronchoscopes are reusable instruments that must be thoroughly washed and sterilized after each use with the endoscope washer. As COVID-19 is an airborne virus, endoscopy procedures create a significant risk for the spread of the respiratory disease - hygiene is critical in protecting the healthcare workers and other patients.

Designed for flexible endoscope reprocessing, the machine enables the automated cleaning and disinfection with a patented double washing technique of endoscopes and a dual control system with alarm checks of all parameters to ensure optimal performance.

When two endoscope washers were needed on short notice, the Soluscope team made the impossible possible by ensuring the equipment was ready to use by the opening of the hospital's new wing. With maximum efficiency and safety, the team not only managed the quick order and shipment of the machines from our factory in Aubagne, France, but it provided setup, testing, and training of the operators in the shortest possible timeframe.

“Reinforced training sessions are more important than ever for the safe and efficient endoscope reprocessing to prevent the spread of viral infection,” said Carlo Alberto Zenti, sales manager for the Healthcare division in Italy. “Thanks to our strong network and customer trust after years of collaboration, our work was successful under the time constraints and limited resources. The trust has not been built in this emergency situation, but over many years of close partnership which has been strengthened during this difficult time.”

Special thanks to the other Ecolab team members involved in this effort: Matteo Faustini and Michele Mutton, Service Technicians; Ester Leibovich, Account Executive; Administrative Assistants Silvia Locati, Giorgia Grani, and Gianni De Chirico; and Massimiliano Accorsi, Credit Manager.

Source: Inside Ecolab News 15 April 2020