Soluscope Sprint PT

Soluscope Sprint PT

Soluscope is proud to announce Soluscope Sprint PT, the pass-through washer-disinfector for flexible endoscope.

One-way process to meet patient safety and reprocessing performance

The Soluscope Sprint PT ensures what is essential for caregivers: patient safety, equipment reliability and protection of the endoscope. The complete reprocessing cycle is performed in 22 minutes and enables high number of daily examinations. The Soluscope Sprint PT is ISO 15883-1/4 compliant and validated with Soluscope high-performing peracetic acid-based chemistry.

A user-centered reprocessor that optimizes workflow

The Soluscope Sprint PT offers comfort of use and reduces risk of wrong manipulations. The 3 key features are: the comfortable access to the bowl from both clean and dirty sides, the smart connection system of the endoscope and the intuitive and universal icon-based interface. The Soluscope Sprint PT is compatible with IT Soluscope electronic tracking system and provides full traceability to ensure patient safety, improve your organization and control your cost of ownership. The new washer-disinfector simplifies maintenance and technical intervention. It preserves the physical barrier between dirty and clean sides and avoids any interruption of the endoscopy program.