In order to guarantee the perfect hygiene of endoscopes, and therefore patient safety, the treatment of ENT endoscopes is evolving towards the same safe and automatic solutions used in gastroenterology. This automation helps avoid human error and helps to maintain a repeatability of the process that guarantees your endoscopes are reprocessed according to current regulations. In addition, it allows the medical personnel to concentrate more on the patient.

Our Soluscope Serie ENT was developped specifically for the reprocessing of flexible ENT endoscopes with or without an operating channel, and designed for small, private ENT clinics as well as decontamination rooms in specialised hospital ENT departments. 

With its exceptionally fast 14-minute full reprocessing cycle, which has been validated by current regulations, the Soluscope Serie ENT is also compatible with the Soluscope DSC8000 horizontal storage and drying cabinet as well as the EP-Digital global traceability solution.

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