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Composed of several channels and made of different materials, heat-sensitive endoscopes require an adapted treatment cycle that complies with current regulations to ensure patient and operator safety.

Soluscope Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors are compatible with all models and brands of flexible endoscopes.

  • Serie 1, Serie 3 and Serie 4 are the fastest and the most compact AERs on the market.
  • Our patented channel control system ensures that your endoscope has been properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Our automatic and accurate dosing system reprocesses the endoscope with the correct and necessary amount of chemistry for optimal lifetime.
  • Our drying and storage cabinets maintain endoscope microbilogical quality for 7 days.
  • Optimize the use and management of your endoscopes thanks to IT Soluscope, our real-time data and traceability platform.