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Thanks to the numerous and dynamic prevention programmes dealing with colon diseases, the gastroenterology market is growing at a considerable rate. The flexible endoscope remains the least invasive and the most comfortable for patients when it comes to anticipating the development of these diseases.

In order to meet the growing need for endoscopes, hospitals have had to reorganise themselves and invest in endoscope equipment that performs even better, while being easy to use. As this complex equipment consists of several internal channels and is made up of a variety of materials, flexible endoscopes require a treatment cycle that is adapted to each type, and compliant with current regulations. In order to guarantee patient safety, respond to strict hygiene standards and allow a large number of examinations to be carried out, Soluscope offers a range of endoscope washer-disinfectors that are compatible with most of models and brands of flexible endoscopes.

With their fast reprocessing cycles and compact size, the washer-disinfectors increase the number of examinations carried out and fit in even the narrowest of rooms. Their patented channel control system guarantees that your endoscopes have been fully and correctly reprocessed. Moreover, the automatic and accurate dosing of cleaning and disinfectant chemicals, with just the right amount used, means that the lifespan of your endoscopes will be optimised and chemical wastage is avoided.

Good endoscope hygiene requires specific storage and drying, which is provided by our storage and drying cabinets. They guarantee the sustained hygiene of your endoscopes for 7 days in secure storage. The Soluscope transport solution allows you to easily move long endoscopes without the risk of damaging them.

Finally, thanks to real-time data, the EP Digital software solution optimises the use of your endoscopes and the management of your fleet.

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