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The bronchial endoscope is a quick and non-invasive solution for examining the trachea and bronchi, and also allows for a series of complementary examinations such as the taking of cell samples, bacteriological or immunological examinations and also therapeutic procedures. These examinations require perfectly reprocessed endoscopes as the infectious risk of these endoscopes is a critical element in fighting against serious diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. The multiple internal channels and variety of materials that make up these flexible pulmonology endoscopes mean that they demand an even stricter reprocessing treatment that is adapted to this risk of infection. By delivering high quality, bacteriologically-controlled water through an integrated filtration system, we bring another guarantee of patient safety. Our endoscope washer-disinfectors are also compatible with all endoscopes, including the latest generation of ultrasound endoscopes. 

Good endoscope hygiene requires specific storage and drying, which is provided by our storage and drying cabinets. They guarantee the sustained hygiene of your endoscopes for 7 days in secure storage.

Finally, thanks to real-time data, the EP-Digital software solution optimises the use of your endoscopes and the management of your fleet.

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