Vertical storage for flexible endoscopes

The endoscope storage cabinet AS300 allows vertical storage for 10 endoscopes validated from 72 hours up to 7 days.

Innovative technology for high-level security

The patented system of laminar air flow protects your endoscopes from any contamination. With the high rate of air renewal accelerating endoscope drying, your endoscopes are ready-to-use at any time.

Each endoscope is plugged with a dedicated connector that can be easily reprocessed in Soluscope AERs to increase your productivity in total safety. The automatic carousel provides direct access to the endoscopes reducing handling manipulations and eliminating identification faults.

The endoscope storage AS300 is natively compliant with IT Soluscope, the global traceability software solution.

Traceability and modularity

The AS300 offers a user friendly touch screen interface with a colour code. The embedded traceability system includes a barcode or RFID reader and a printer delivering tickets that can be stored as well on the AS300 memory card. The Ethernet port enables connection to the healthcare facility network.

An optional compartment can be simply integrated to extend the capacity to 20 endoscopes. For enhanced safety of your endoscopes, accessories are available to prevent endoscope tangling and to hold ultrasound connectors and endoscope valves.