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The permanent search for optimum safety and hygiene for patients has been the key factor in the development of our TOE probe washer-disinfectors. Moreover, TOE probes are delicate and costly pieces of equipment for which traditional cleaning processes present risks of damage and do not provide optimum hygiene. With over 20 years of experience in reprocessing flexible endoscopes, Soluscope has developed a new, automated and safe disinfection solution for TOE probes. Validated by current legislation, the Soluscope Serie TEE replies perfectly to the needs of Cardiology departments. It integrates an electrical leak test for probe safety and offers a system to prevent cross-contamination. In addition to a smaller footprint and its low consumption of cleaning and disinfectant products, its 14-minute full cycle makes the Soluscope Serie TEE an indispensable machine in Cardiology departments. 

The Soluscope Serie TEE is also compatible with the EP-Digital traceability solution, which automatically records real-time data from the machines and probes. With its ergonomic design and easy-to-use interface, you simply click on the screen located in your work room to consult any traceability information that you might need to ensure complete safety.

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