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More and more emergency and resuscitation services, as well as gynecology and nephrology departments, are using specific, flexible endoscopes that need reprocessing cycles compliant with current legislation to ensure patient safety. The Complete Solution offered by Soluscope is compatible with all the departments where flexible endoscopes are used. It guarantees perfect hygiene for endoscopes at each phase of the multi-step process: a large range of washer-disinfectors adapted to all endoscopes that require high-level reprocessing; storage and drying cabinets that allow you to use your endoscopes at any moment in case of emergency, at the weekend or on bank holidays; trays and transport trolleys that reduce the handling of endoscopes and protect them from knocks and handborne contamination. Finally, the IT Soluscope traceability software solution allows you to optimise your work, save time and boost efficiency.

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