Soluscope EasyTag

Soluscope EasyTag

Enhance the visibility of the endoscope status

Soluscope EasyTag is an adhesive label which is made up of a red and green sticker designed to identify whether the endoscope is ready to use or must be reprocessed. Soluscope EasyTag accompanies Soluscope transport and storage trays and is part of the Soluscope Transport range of products.

Increase efficacy and strengthen safety

The large green and red tags are coupled and are easily applied and removed either on the lid or side of the tray depending on hospital organization.They can be easily peeled off.
Soluscope EasyTag helps users in their everyday work in a safe and fast way. Wherever the endoscope is, you know exactly if the endoscope is ready for an exam avoiding the risk of mistake and ensuring patient safety.
Soluscope EasyTag also protects the user from contamination  immediately displaying the status of the endoscope for quick identification.

Seamless adoption for all organization

Our experience and field tests demonstrate that Soluscope EasyTag is an intuitive solution with fast adoption. It has always been quickly integrated into a hospital department organization to optimize the daily workflow.