Training presents a prime opportunity to expand everybody’s knowledge base

Soluscope Training teaches the crucial skills needed to provide maintenance on your Soluscope devices whether it be at a user or technical level, support or operate specific technology, product or service. 

Our training concentrates on developing better understanding of Soluscope products and processes. Our trained technicians are responsible for more than just settling matters and troubleshooting our devices; they are problem solvers, customer service professionals and primary first responders to emergency situations. 

Tell me and I’ll forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I’ll understand. Chinese proverb

At Soluscope Training, we don’t just want to teach content, we want to tell you why you are learning. We believe trainees learn better by doing in-class activities that are interactive and collaborative maximizing the learning process. Our trainers share their expertise during courses, offering the opportunity to constantly ask questions on complex matters. We want our learners to practise their new skills as much as possible along with their peers sharing their own experiences while learning. That’s why we highly encourage group training on our site in Aubagne, in sunny South of France. Our technical training programs offer rigorous on-going assessment throughout the training course. We take your learning seriously and review training performance regularly. At Soluscope Training, we know that having users, hospital and field technicians who understand our latest products, tools and technologies is vital to keeping Soluscope head and shoulders above the rest.

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Patricia LA BARBERA Soluscope Training Manager