Soluscope Serie TEE

Soluscope Serie TEE

A fully automated and safe process

The Soluscope Serie TEE probe washer-disinfector is reliable, fast and efficient. It features a complete cleaning and disinfection cycle in only 14 minutes and a single handling, reducing probe damage risks to a minimum.

Embedded electrical leak test

Thanks to its embedded electrical leak test and its dedicated connectors, the Soluscope Serie TEE automatically controls TEE probe integrity as recommended by manufacturers.

Minimization of risks for users

The Soluscope Serie TEE is the safest device on the market thanks to minimal chemical handling and a hermetic lid that prevents fumes and guarantees maximum safety for users.

Extended traceability

The Soluscope Serie TEE trans-oesophageal probe washer-disinfector provides complete traceability thanks to its barcode reader and the embedded printer that issues a ticket at the end of the cycle. All traceability data are stored in the memory of the machine and can be reprinted or exported at any moment. The Soluscope Serie TEE is also compatible with the EP-Digital global data management solution.

The compact and ergonomic Soluscope Serie TEE washer-disinfector is easy to install close to your examination rooms and has an interface and design making it practical and comfortable to use.

Technical specifications

Capacity per cycle: 1 TEE probe

Reprocessing temperature: 35 to 40°C

Contact time / disinfection: 5 minutes

Traceability: Barcode reader - printer- EP-Digital

Electrical connecion: 220-240 V / 50 Hz with 30 mA differential power breaker

Water pressure: from 2.5 to 4 bars

Water flow rate: 4 L / min minimum

Dimensions (W x D x H) : 40 x 87 x 112 cm (lid closed)

Weight (empty): 60 kg

Weight (full): 80 kg

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14 minPAISO 15883-1 & based on 15883-4

Soluscope Serie TEE

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