Serie 1

Serie 1

Innovative technology in a refined & compact washer-disinfector

The new Serie 1 reprocessor for flexible endoscopes is compliant with ISO 15883-1 & 15883-4 standard and benefits from 25 years of Soluscope experience in endoscope hygiene.

With its full electronic traceability system and its optional embedded printer, the Serie 1 washer-disinfector offers a high level of technology for an entry level product.

Reliable and easy to use

With its user-friendly touch screen, the Serie 1 provides a very high level of safety thanks to an automated process. Its effective and validated prefiltration system (optional) ensures an optimal quality of water for proven cleaning and disinfection quality.

Available with a complete range of chemical products, neutral or enzymatic detergent, peracetic acid, glutaraldehyde or ortho-phthalaldehyde disinfectant, the Serie 1 will meet all your requirements.

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22 min/26 minPA / GTA / OPAAlcoholISO 15883-1 & -4

Soluscope Serie 1

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