New Serie TEE

Soluscope introduces its new Serie TEE, the automatic reprocessor for Transesophageal ultrasound probes designed to provide a safer, faster and easier solution to reprocess cardiac TEE probes.


The New Serie TEE guarantees high level disinfection for each probe thanks to an automated, repeatable and validated process.

The device is provided with an embedded electrical leak test to check the probe integrity as recommended by TEE probe manufacturers.

A specific cross contamination prevention system has been developed to avoid any contact between the clean probe and potentially soiled surfaces.  

The non-waterproof handle of the probe is protected, and the echography connector is locked on the new Serie TEE to prevent damages, maintenance costs and waste of time.


The New Serie TEE delivers a cleaned and disinfected probe in 14 minutes and is the perfect tool to meet the growing number of procedures.  

The embedded electronic traceability helps users to track and archive data related to probe, user, patient and doctor and improve day-to-day efficiency.

The New Serie TEE is compatible with our Data Management Solution IT Soluscope and helps optimize your daily workflow.


The new Serie TEE is intuitive and easy to use thanks to its large touch screen and unique graphic interface.

The ergonomic access to the bowl and silent operation make the Soluscope Serie TEE a very easy to use device.  

Very compact and mobile with its integrated wheels, the Serie TEE is easy to maintain and requires minimal daily servicing.