Serie 1 endoscope reprocessor new version

Serie 1 endoscope reprocessor new version

Soluscope announces the new version of the Serie 1 endoscope reprocessor

Innovation and Patient safety are Soluscope values which daily drive our commitment to deliver the right product for users and patients. The new Serie 1 is designed to provide a safer, easier and efficient solution in reprocessing flexible endoscopes.

New intuitive interface

The endoscope washer-disinfector Soluscope Serie 1 has undergone a face-lift to modernize its software. The new graphical and language free interface makes the Serie 1 even more intuitive, user-friendly and consistent with the Soluscope product range. Users will gain in efficacy and ease of use.

Full electronic traceability*

The new Serie 1 proposes a barcode reader and embedded automatic electronic traceability, allowing users to track, trace and reprint cycle, endoscope, user and patient data, to improve day to day efficacy. This feature brings the Soluscope Serie 1 to the highest standards in terms of traceability management and safety.

IT Soluscope Compatibility*

Also, the Serie 1 is now compatible with our data management system IT Soluscope giving the user opportunity to centralize traceability and manage endoscopes and AERs. Real time status of each device and maintenance planification are some of the features which will help users to optimize their workflow.

*Electronic traceability and IT Soluscope compatibility available on Soluscope Serie 1 220/240V/50Hz from SN 24081.

These new features supplement existing offer including alcohol and the large range of chemistry (GTA,OPA & APA), to provide the best offer adapted to your need and for patient safety.