Organizing your department for optimal operational efficiency

With a very short cycle time and a smart design enabling to staff to work efficiencly, the Soluscope Serie 5 will support endoscopy units to accelerate endoscope turnover, even in existing facilities. 

Protecting the endoscopes from damage and contamination will contribute to extend the lifespan of endoscope inventory, ultimately controlling the total cost of ownership.

Managing infection prevention risks

Relying on a strong experience in infection prevention, the Soluscope Serie 5 incorporates technologies to reach the highest level in hygiene practices: ultimate and reproducible performances across a wide range of endoscopes, control the risk of hand-borne contaminations and digitalization of activities.

Driving lasting impacts

Ecolab places sustainable innovation at the heart of our medical solutions. The Soluscope Serie 5 and its dedicated chemistry is designed and manufactured to minimize its environmental impact while delivering optimal performances.

Our range of concentrated chemical products is designed to reduce consumption enabling to minimize the number of containers to store and dispose of, while energy and water consumptions are reduced* contributing to overall sustainability.

Offering a greater working environment

The Soluscope Serie 5 offers operating comfort by reducing tiring repetitions and minimizing handling. Moreover, it provides ultimate protection for the users by avoiding exposure to chemicals.

Technical specifications

Capacity per cycle: 1 endoscope, processing by flooding-immersion

Traceability: RFID - Barcode reader - Printer - Memory Card - EP-Digital

Electrical connection: 1 x 220-230 V / 50Hz with 30mA differential power breaker

Dimensions (W x D x H) : 70,2 x 86.9 x 112,8cm (closed lid and drawer)

Weight (empty): 160 kg

*Comparison to Soluscope Serie 4 on a Cycle 1: -25% of energy consumption; -11% of water consumption

Cycle time 16 minConcentrated chemistry Soluscope ECL & PAAValidation ISO15883-1&4RFID for automatic identification

Soluscope Serie 5 product video

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