IT SOLUSCOPE New version 2.0

IT SOLUSCOPE New version 2.0

Soluscope announces a major update of IT Soluscope, its real-time track & trace software.  

IT Soluscope 2.0 offers a new innovative and value-added service to manage your devices and endoscope reprocessing activity.

Patient security at the core of traceability
Thanks to the new « QuickExport » module you can access to all traceability information more rapidly and create your activity-focused dashboards that reflect your endoscopes and equipment status.
Centralized monitoring of your endoscopes and devices
IT Soluscope 2.0 improves your daily organization with « LifeBook ». At any time you have access to maintenance history, you can schedule samplings and monitor endoscope and device status. IT Soluscope 2.0 becomes your single registration database for all documents related to your endoscope reprocessing activity.
Flexible and simplified data sharing
The new « EasyPrint » function allows automatic printing of your traceability data with any available printer. Electronic traceability files can be shared with other software platforms of the hospital.
Easy and intuitive user interface
These new functions are accessible on a user-friendly interface with a touch screen instantly displaying important information.
The new version 2.0 is compatible with the latest products proposed by Soluscope: Serie ENT and Serie TEE.
IT Soluscope power in your hands
Soluscope introduces the new ITS BOX.
Compact and efficient, it allows networking up to 9 devices and taking all advantages of IT Soluscope 2.0. ITS BOX is an ideal tool for small installations, private practices and clinics.



ITS BOX -ITS power in your hands