DSC8000 New Version

DSC8000 New Version

Soluscope announces the latest version of its endoscopes storage cabinet


At Soluscope, the innovation and the customer care are the daily values which are expressed through our actions and our corporate culture. That is why the new endoscope storage cabinet DCS8000 has been specially improved to satisfy customers’ needs and make it easier to use while maintaining a high-level safety for the patient and the endoscopes.

User interface even more intuitive

Equipped with a large 7'' touch screen, the DSC8000 offers a new “Full icons” display technology  faster and more ergonomic to ensure a unique operating comfort.
The colored dots are replaced with a progressive time which displays accurate and gradual information regarding the availability of
your endoscopes.

Optimization of the endoscope turnover management

The centralization of endoscopy reprocessing activity drives healthcare facilities to manage larger endoscope inventories.  Soluscope takes into account this constraint and allows registering until 150 endoscopes while prioritizing more precisely your endoscope flow between services.

Automate the reprocessing of the connectors

The new storage cabinet DSC8000 provides trays now compatible with all Soluscope AERs: Serie 3 and Serie 4 as well as Serie 1 and Serie ENT.
Simplify and secure the treatment of all your connectors !

Improved traceability

Nowadays it is essential to provide a detailed and accurate traceability of your endoscope reprocessing. The new storage cabinet DSC8000 integrates all the required functions to deliver the proof for a high-level traceability including the in/out operator identification.
All the information is printed on the traceability ticket and electronically saved in the data management software IT SOLUSCOPE.  

Minimal maintenance

The new storage cabinet DSC8000 informs you in real-time when you need to replace the consumables to always ensure a high-level safety for the patient.
With a new coating quality, more aesthetic and resistant to scratches and shocks, the DSC8000 is easier to clean and to maintain.