APSIC 2017

APSIC 2017

The 8th Internationnal Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control (APSIC) was held this year in Bangkok, Thailand. This congress was very beneficial given the large number of visitors that the Anios Laboratories booth hosted. This one was considerably well placed and offered an unstoppable view on the entire Anios product range and Soluscope machines.  

Despite the fact that the congress was focused on hygiene matters, Soluscope was represented by the Anios Laboratories with the Serie 1 AER and the storage and drying cabinet DSC8000  with its Serie 1 trays.

The exhibition of our machines had as a main objective to arouse the curiosity of the professionals not only about the general hygiene product range of Anios but also about our complete solution for endoscopy. What’s more, we were the only ones to demonstrate this initiative: Cantel Medical and Johnson & Johnson were also present but they didn’t expose any of their endoscope washer-disinfectors.

A symposium for nurses was organized by Anios Laboratories. Hela Marzouk, Scientific Manager at Anios, presented Professor Maillard’s study data concerning the impact of standard test protocols on sporicidal activity. A way to make our products known through scientific data.

It was therefore a very good congress of market approach demonstrating the dynamism and the interest of the users concerning our product range. We will be delighted to participate in the next edition.