After sales service

After sales service

Designed to get the best from your device

As your endoscope reprocessing activity increases, patient safety becomes crucial and it is essential to follow good reprocessing principles. Regular maintenance must be carried out on your machines and we provide you with hardware and software updates as our product range evolves.

By developing customer relations built on trust and confidence, we follow the life cycle of your product and changes in your needs. Our technical field experts are here to assist you in using a product correctly offering technical support and they will help you in case of difficulty. They are able to provide all of the following services:

  • Special training regarding the use of our devices

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance and repairs

  • Technical support by phone

  • Replacement solutions in case of damage or problems with your products.

Worldwide Customer Service

Regularly trained and certified by our Soluscope technical field experts, our Soluscope partners have the knowledge to carry out the maintenance of the full Soluscope product range. Wherever you are in the world, they speak your language and know your needs.  They meet the same quality standards in terms of Customer Services and Support, and their own technical teams are fully trained on Soluscope products. They are responsive to users' needs and train them onsite for the optimum operation of their equipment.  

Experience Centers

Soluscope is proud to have the second Innovation, Training and Experience Center (ITEC)  based in Shanghai. Following the success of our first ITEC in Aubagne, this strategic showroom is the ideal place to provide workshop activities to all technicians based in Asia and to be as close as possible to our distributors' needs.