A new CEO for Soluscope

A new CEO for Soluscope

In January 2011, we announced the appointment of Jean François Biry at the CEO position. Henceforth, the two founders of the company, Bernard Mariotti and Frederic Dray, are stepping back from operational activities and will instead contribute to strategic development.
They are both pleased with the nomination of a man with years practical experience, whose background includes 25 years of executive management. “We believe we have found in Jean-François Biry the right leader who will ensure the company’s corporate development and success” announces Bernard Mariotti.

Jean François Biry says he is happy to participate in Soluscope’s growth, both in terms of new product launches and distribution expansion.
His ambitions are primarily focused on service quality and the implementation of a strategy concentrated on Customer Satisfaction.

In my opinion, success resides in a subtle mix of high-quality products, dedicated customer services, continuous innovation and motivated employees and partners. Couple to this a mobilization of company resources, a high R&D expenditure and desire for ambitions projects, Soluscope will continue to optimize its customer satisfaction.

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