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The fastest AER for small endoscopes

As a result of constant efforts to satisfy its clients, Soluscope offers a new version of its Serie ENT reprocessor, the first compact AER to clean and disinfect small endoscopes with working channel including ENT scopes, cystoscopes and bronchoscopes.

The Serie ENT offers a unique concept integrating rapidity, convenience and protection of your endoscopes.

Thanks to its reprocessing cycle of 14 minutes, the Serie ENT cleans and disinfects up to 4 endoscopes in less than 1 hour and makes users benefit from a fully automated process.

Its compact size (36 cm/14 inches wide) offers a comfortable and ergonomic position for users when operating, and its integrated wheels makes the Serie ENT installation easy even in small private practices.

A built-in barcode reader and a thermal printer delivering tickets for each cycle guarantee a full traceability.