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Our values

Your security: our priority

Soluscope is committed to provide a Complete Solution for thermosensitive endoscope reprocessing able to insure the highest security level required for patients and medical staff.





Soluscope develops the fastest and the most compact equipment in the world. Our company has been the first to integrate a real-time channel control in order to ensure a perfect endoscope channel irrigation. Soluscope owns 4 technology patents and EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012 certifications.



Scientific and regulatory integrity

Medical devices and products developed by Soluscope are CE marked and strictly conform to international standards and regulations such as ISO 15883-1 and ISO 15883-4.
Soluscope has its own microbiology laboratory.



Reactivity towards our customers & partners

Based on trust and proximity, our relationship with customers relies on a thorough knowledge of their obligations and needs. Thus our teams are able to step in on your site rapidly and to train your medical team  for an optimal operation of your equipment.