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Soluscope TRS

Soluscope TRS

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Soluscope TRS digitizes the tracking data from the reprocessors and makes it available for those whom need it most.
Providing various methods of accessing the data such as the dedicated website, it allows you to easily manage, store and interpret it.

Improved safety

  • To further improve the safety of those who rely on our products, the tracking data can be managed and stored on different media, whilst access and data management to relevant parties is maintained.
  • For example: Hard disk drives/USB Sticks/Secure dedicated website:
    The website provides facilities for managing and monitoring the data received in an effective and straightforward manner.

Simplicity is a driver to success

  • Soluscope TRS eliminates the need for exchange and storage of spreadsheets within a department or center.
  • 24/7 access to information on a secure site can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Manage your data…and your costs

  • Data being displayed immediately allows for rapid access and the system also helps provide training for your staff.
  • Soluscope TRS provides statistic reports relating to the endoscopes at your disposal.
  • Maintenance costs of your reprocessors and endoscopes are monitored through the Soluscope TRS website helping you avoid surprises.

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