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Soluscope TRS

>  a complete cycle 1 in 14 minutes
>  4 endoscopes per hour!
>  36cm wide, very compact
>  Major brands of channel-less ENT scopes

Soluscope TRS

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Soluscope ENT is an Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor entirely dedicated to channel-less ENT scopes, presenting a unique concept mixing speed, convenience and protection dedicated to channel-less ENT scopes

The Time Saver

  • The Soluscope ENT delivers ready-to-use endoscopes within only 14 minutes, the fastest cycle on the market
  • Operators obtain the benefit of a fully automatic process freeing them from reprocessing

Protection and Convenience

  • Very easy to use, the Soluscope ENT provides a fully automated cycle (automatic dosage and no chemical contact).
  • The adapted lid and chemistry prevent from fumes and vapors limiting exposure further
  • Very compact, 36cm wide, it can be installed virtually anywhere, even in small private practices
  • Silent, less than 40dB

Key features in Safety

  • The self disinfection cycle (including water treatment unit) enables the machine to meet the highest standard of Safety.
  • A complete filter set allows to control air/water flows
  • The continuous leak test will prevent water damage
  • Low concentration and short contact time (5min) with chemistry combined with a mild temperature preserve your material
  • Full traceability with a built-in barcode reader and a thermal printer delivering tickets for each cycle

Soluscope ENT leaflet



Dimensions (WxDxH)

36 x 70 x 110 cm

Free standing machine


50 kg empty

70 kg loaded

Electrical connections

1 x 220V 50Hz 13A/16A + 2 x 220V 50Hz 10A


Water connections

Tap water

3/4’’ - 40°C - 10L/min - 4 bars max.

Waste water

 40 mm rigid pipe with U-bend

Height: 116 cm

Cleaning Stage

Optimal Efficiency on Biofilm

(Soluscope C+ at 35°C)

High Level Disinfection

(5 minutes contact time)

(Soluscope PA at 40°C)

Chlorine cycle against prions
(according to the French circular DGS/RI3/2011/449)



Entire machine

Including complete water treatment


Printer and barcode reader


Soluscope reprocessors are engineered to facilitate servicing offering easy maintenance access to all the spare parts.




Acidic formulated detergent




Peracetic acid based disinfectant


Additive to Soluscope P



0.2 µm terminal water filter


Set of 3 pre-filters to prevent microorganisms’ contamination.


HEPA class 13 absolute 0,2µm air filter