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Soluscope TRS

ISO 15883-4&1 compliant

>  Rapid, Reliable, Efficient
A complete cycle 1 in 16 min.
>  4 endoscopes per hour!
>  Major brands of flexible scopes

Soluscope TRS

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The Serie4 is a unique Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor. It completes a cycle 1 in 16 minutes, the fastest results on the market  and offers a unique and patented dual wash technique and new chemistry formulas.
The Serie4 is conscious of time, money and the environment which leads to lower consumption for lower costs.
Its technological drivers are Intuition, Integration and Innovation.

An Intuitive Operation

  • A new generation of interface with HMI Touch screen technology
  • Straight forwarding monitoring of information for guaranteed traceability
  • Dedicated connectics for less manipulation

An Integrated Process

  • All-in-one compact design
  • Self-contained filters, chemistry, traceability system and continuous leak test
  • Network with Complete Solution to enhance reprocessing
  • Double check system with alarms on all critical parameters 

An Innovative Concept

  • A unique and patented dual wash technique
  • A patented volumetric channel control to monitor each individual channel
  • A new all-in-one disinfectant with improved efficacy to reduce the contact time to 3 minutes.
  • Lower chemical and water consumption for reduced global costs (up to 40% less) and better results

Serie 4 leaflet


General specifications

Dimensions WxHxD (mm)

64x110x88cm Closed

64x160x122cm Open


107kg Empty

135 kg Full

Capacity per cycle

1 endoscope


Electrical Connections

1 x 220-240V

With 30mA differential power breaker

Electrical Frequency



Maximum absorbed Intensity



Water pressure

< 4 bar (58psi) with pressure reducer


Reprocessing Temperature

35 to 40°C


Water Hardness

10 to 30 TH

(100 to 300mg/L CaCO3)


6.5 to 9


Fouling Index

< 3


High Level Disinfection

3 min contact time



Entire machine



Barcode Scanner and Printer

Link to IT Soluscope

Soluscope reprocessors are engineered to facilitate servicing offering easy maintenance access to all the spare parts.





Peracetic acid based disinfectant



The 0.2 µm terminal water filter ensures that bacteria free water is supplied to the Serie 4.


Set of 3 pre-filters to prevent microorganisms’ contamination.


HEPA class 13 absolute 0,2µm air filter