Soluscope milestones

Soluscope is a successful outcome of two inspired engineers' complementary expertise.

The first brick of what will become Soluscope, was set up in 1988 with the creation by Frédéric Dray of Medlore, a company dedicated to chemicals distribution. Soon he is joined by Bernard Mariotti, creator of Endotech, a firm specialized in washer-disinfector manufacturing.

Together they will initiate the original technical concept of Soluscope: One Machine with its dedicated chemicals.

They then found the Soluscope holding, gathering Medlore, Endotech, QCM (after sales service in France), PSP (plastic-specialized company) and the two subsidiaries, in Germany and China. In 2009, the French entities have merged into Soluscope SAS, for more visibility and effectiveness.

Since its creation, Soluscope has consistently grown to reach annual revenue of € 18,7M in fiscal year 2010-2011, of which more than 53% is coming from export activities.

Our heritage, a team of experts

Today, our dynamic team works with some of the most competent hygienists, biomedical engineers, technicians, doctors, nurses and partners. These ongoing co operations ensure that Soluscope products are innovative, modern and optimally adapted for operators.
Our high valued partners help us transform these inventive concepts into high performing and effective products and services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Products and brand consolidation



Patented Technology

Soluscope has a portfolio of 4 patents and submits new files on a regular basis. Among them, the firm holds  key patents for dual wash technique, the volumetric channel control, a specific flowing system for the drying & storage cabinet.

The specific expertise has allowed Soluscope to create unique AERs and drying & storage cabinets monitored with a flexible software system. They provide Safety, Efficiency and an Easy to use concept. Thanks to the technologically unique machines, their time-precision and chemistry management, the treatment of endoscopes can be carried out rapidly & efficiently.