Message from the shareholders

One Idea, one Encounter

One Idea, one Encounter

The Idea: create a flexible endoscope reprocessor specifically designed to be fast, compact and easy to use.

The encounter: one founderís background was in the field of flexible endoscopes whilst the otherís was in chemicals and disinfection. They teamed up to create Soluscope, originating Solution for the Endoscope. The first Soluscope AER to be launched was a resounding success. It was simple, effective and innovative. These design principles became Soluscope roots.

Today with over 3500 of our AERís in use all over the world and the launch of our new model, Serie 4, we want to consolidate our concept. Our Complete Solution provides our clients with a simple and efficient way to reprocess, maintain disinfection, move and monitor their endoscopes with ease whilst offering maximum protection.

We apply a simple rule regarding our products. They must be safe for the user, patient and the endoscope. In addition to those fundamentals, we aim to make our products Innovative, Intuitive and Integrated.

To help strengthen our future potential, we heavily invest in R&D and build strong partnerships with key stakeholders to address any opportunity for improvement and growth.

Furthermore, with our new organizational structure, we continue to integrate new competencies. They bring new ideas, new view points and new managerial skills. Our company is now ready to tackle the future and all the challenges ahead.