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Soluscope TRS

Soluscope TRS

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Based on Information Technology, IT Soluscope connects your Soluscopereprocessing equipment to provide a complete visibility of your park ofendoscopes.

No longer waiting in front of the machine to know if your instrument is readyto be used, IT Soluscope informs you in real time of the complete status of yourendoscopes wherever you are.

These data are automatically stored and can be consulted for secured traceability.

IT Soluscope is the heart of our Complete Solution. It enhances your process,optimizes your work time and provides all the information you need, when youneed it.

Easy and Intuitive

Ergonomic and easy to use, IT Soluscope interface provides a quick and efficient access to essential information for medical staff. Simply click on the IT SoluscopePanel PC conveniently located in the working room to know the real-time statusof your equipment or if a scope is ready for use.

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Global control for better experience

Constantly connected to your Soluscope equipment, you control your process inlive and are informed only when human intervention is required. Alarms can becorrected rapidly, consumables use-by-date are anticipated. The integrated andpowerful endoscope search function enables locating your scopes and displaytheir status; it helps you defining priority for usage, simplifies your work andimproves your organization.

IT Soluscope can remotely access to your equipment. Soluscope hotline servicesconnect immediately to your infrastructure and provide a detailed diagnostic tosupport your activity and minimize the non-operating period of your machine.


Security and Traceability

IT Soluscope embeds an automatic process for recording traceabilitydocumentation in a secured database. Fully computerized, it prevents any humanerror and allows recovering immediately the required information in case ofhealthcare vigilance. Archiving is easy, data access is fast.


Smooth integration

Available in two versions, Server (server and Panel PC) or Virtual (software platform only), IT Soluscope is flexible and is designed to be easily integrated into your infrastructure.


IT Soluscope leaflet

Local or Virtual Server

  • Provides the exchange between all machines and access points.

Panel PC

User Interface to access all IT Soluscope functionalities including:

  • Live view of Soluscope equipment,
  • Endoscope search and status function,
  • Pressure touch screen, can be used with gloves or with the back of a pen.

IT Soluscope Software

  • Virtual access to all networked machines from the User Interface,
  • Status of each endoscope: under reprocessing, stored, priority (for endoscopes that are stored since more than 48hrs and less than 72hrs, so need to be used first to prevent HLD loss), to be reprocessed (for endoscopes that are stored since more than 72hrs), unknown (if in other equipment than Soluscope for instance),
  • Search tool for specific traceability data through numerous parameters including date, endoscope, machine, user and doctor. Allows a single endoscope to be tracked and identify everything and everyone it came into contact with in case of an undesirable event.
  • Automated copy of traceability data in the Local/Virtual IT Soluscope Server,
  • Traceability files ready to be retrieved from any medical or business oriented applications (HL7 or Soluscope RAW file type),
  • Consumable management: start, expiry and replacement dates. Prevents surprises & allows purchasing department to anticipate when new stock is needed. (Color code Green, Orange, Red).

Web Access

  • Enables secure user login to take place from anywhere in order to access information that could be vital for tracking a potential source ofcontamination or other problem,
  • Shows Patient, Endoscope and Machine information with possibility to cross-reference various parameters for more specific information,
  • Anywhere tickets publication (pdf format).

Soluscope Maintenance

  • Can access to machine remotely in order to better diagnose and identify problems, lowering unnecessary callouts and reducing time.

Soluscope Central Server

  • Provides an offsite backup of all traceability data to prevent any potential loss of information via Internet connection (10 years data retention).