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Soluscope TRS

Soluscope TRS

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…want to be safe and secure with your endoscopes?
Soluscope proposes its range of connectics covering all types and trademarks of endoscopes.
Made of medical-grade silicon tubing and either stainless steel or polypropylene for the nozzles, Soluscope connectics ensure lasting quality.


  • Repairing cost after flooding can be as much as €10,000. We have then integrated the continuous leak test and  overpressure. If a leak is detected, then our reprocessor immediately ends their cycle and alerts the operator. The  overpressure is maintained throughout to ensure the endoscope integrity.
  • Soluscope provides a color code for each channel allowing a visual effective and avoiding any misconnection
  • The connectics remain the same from the Soluscope reprocessor into the tray to the drying and storage cabinet DSC8000 to  ensure they keep the same microbiological status as the endoscopes.


  • Soluscope provides individual connection for individual channel cleaning and HLD of your endoscope.
  • Separation of the air/water channels with a specific separator allows each channel reprocessing accurately


  • Soluscope Volumetric Channel Control will make a significant difference.
  • As a totally reproducible and foolproof process, it will guarantee the effective & full monitoring  of the adequate irrigation of each endoscope channel.
  • Soluscope Volumetric Channel control is protected by an international exclusive patent.


Soluscope relies on a specific website that gathers a huge endoscope database. Everyday it helps our clients to make sure their endoscopes are connected accurately.
All necessary information to endoscope registration or association is available on

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